15 useful things during your stay in Bali

Based on our personal experiences we collected 15 things which can be very useful when you are in Bali, either if these are part of your packing list or if you buy them there.

1. Beach accessories
Swimsuits, suncream

Photo source: Pinterest

Photo source: Pinterest

2. Camera
In order to watch our photos about all the fascinating places of The Island of Gods, which can bring us into a nostalgic mood on a rainy November afternoon.

3. Travel insurance
Motorbike and surf accidents happen very often and it is better to be insured, or either good if we suffer from dengue fever, diarrhea or any animal bites which reqire medical treatment.

4. Unlocked phone
Buying a cheap local sim card including 3G internet should be a good idea.

5. Flexible motorbike riding skills
Good to adopt the rhythm of the chaotic Balinese traffic

6. A huge „pack” of patience
Almost nobody is in a hurry, either on the roads or in a supermaket.

7. Surfboard
Beginners, hobby surfers and pros have numerous possibilities to choose the perfect surfing spot for themselves and enjoy the waves as much as they can.


8. Mosquito spray
There are many mosquitoes in Bali, however not all of them are carrying dengue fever, nobody likes to be bitten by them.

9. Indonesian language knowledge
Knowing some basic expressions in Indonesian language we can gain some appreciation and respect by locals. (it can help during bargaining as well)
Terima kasih = Thank you!
Selamat pagi= Good morning!
Selamat siang = Good day!
Sampai jumpa= See you soon!
Satu nasi goreng, tolong = 1 fried rice, please!

10. Fan / Air-condition
Having an average 30 degrees Celsius and humidity level of 85% in Bali, book accommodation only including one of the above.

11. Raincoat
Especially in the wet season (November-March) tropical rains and storms can make us fully wet in the blink of an eye. It’s better to be prepared with raincoat and waterproof bags.


12. Against Bali Belly
Bring some medicine and probiotics with you. In Asia it is very common that tourists and foreigners suffer from diarrhea which can be caused by anything – a sip of tap water, under-roasted meat, unwashed fruits or unclean cutleries etc.

13. GPS with good orienteering skills
However many small roads are not shown by GPS, it is a must have for all the first-timers in Bali. (until you are not hiring a local person as your driver)

14. Long sleeves and sarong
Long-sleeved shirts and trousers are useful on the motorbike. Also entering a Balinese temple it is required to wear t-shirts which cover the shoulders and sarong* to cover legs below the knee both for men and women.


15. Hand sanitizer
It can decrease the occurrence of the problem Bali Belly.

*Sarong (source:thefreedictionary.com)
1. A garment consisting of a length of cloth that is wrapped around the body and tied at the waist or below the armpits, worn by men and women in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Pacific islands.
2. A cloth of light fabric and varying length that is wrapped around the waist and tied, often worn as beachwear.

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