4 stunning beaches in Uluwatu

Uluwatu, the south-western coast of Bukit Peninsula – southest part of Bali, is famous for its surfing spots.
It is not only a surfers’ paradise but also a great place for sunset addicts and beach lovers.
The best choice to get to know this part of the island is to rent a motorbike, get lost in the nature, ride on narrow lanes among small villages and find beautiful secret beaches at the base of huge rocks. On the other hand, you will need also some research in advance, as many of them is difficult to find at first time, unless you have plenty of hours to knock around the peninsula.
We made a collection of our favourite places to hide, sunbathe, surf and watch magical sunsets in the wonderful Uluwatu.
1. Bingin beach
After an exciting surf lesson as beginners or intermediates we can enjoy sunshine or either fascinating storms far away from there.
bingin beach bali
2. Nyang Nyang beach
The 1.5 km long coastline is still one of Bali’s least visited beaches. Beautiful and untouched, not that easy to reach, but perfect for peaceful sunbathing.
nyang nyang beach bali
3. Green Bowl beach
A romantic hidden beach with white sand, blue water and a small cave with temple.
green bowl beach bali
4. Blue Point beach
Best place to feel the vibes of Bali’s surfers community and enjoy a glass of beer in one of the cozy sunset bars placed on the rocks.
blue point beach bali

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