5 delicious drinks to try in Bali

Heat and high humidity level (not now in August as we are praying for some sunshine every day) make us pay more attention to hydration. But let’s be honest, drinking mineral water all the time is boring. Luckily Bali offers lots of opportunities to complete and brighten up our general water consumption.

1. Fresh young coconut

Sunset watch at Batubelig beach and a fresh young coconut are inseparable in my mind. The tasty coconut meat and the pure natural water from the green or yellow colored young coconuts are the most refreshing food and drink we have ever tried. Not to mention its health benefits. Fresh coconut water is isotonic, contains lots of minerals and vitamins and it is a perfect choice for hydration.

Where to try?
Warung Cantina (Coconuts are always cold here and you can watch the sunrise in comfy bean bags)

2. Smoothies and juices

Thanks for being home of many tropical fruits endless variety of smoothies and mixed juices can be found in Bali. We could not even chose the best as we love all of them.
Also, Balinese are experts to prepare them in an ’Instagrammable’ way.

Where to try?

The Spicy Coconut

Kelly’s Warung

3. Teh tarik

However it is an iconic Malaysian speciality I consider it as one of my favourite drinks in Bali. If you have tried English tea I don’t need to explain much about the taste. Teh tarik is made from black tea and condensed milk in Southeast Asian countries. Different kind of spicies like cardamon or cinnamon are added into it. It can be served hot or iced. It is creamy and refreshing but we only recommend if you like sweet drinks.

Where to try?
Warung Bunana

4. Bintang

The first question of all our male visitors was: „Can we drink beer?” Definitely yes. Do not imagine those Belgian specialities or the wide range of German selections. Beer is not the greatest asset of the island. But a bottle of Bintang (pilsner) or Bali Hai (lager) are always reliable companions on the beach, at parties, during dinner or anytime you need a cold drink. But only after you drank your 3 litres of water a day.

Where to try?
In any restaurants or supermarkets

5. Coffee

Good news for coffee lovers that there are many options to taste different types of coffees on the island. Not for hydration but for joy (and against sleepiness). Balinese farmers especially in Kintamani region grow both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Even the world famous poop coffee, Kopi Luwak can be found here. Traditionally preparing Balinese coffee we mix hot water and the fine grinded coffee directly in the cup with or without added sugar in it. Most foreigners do not like the substance left at the bottom of the cup. Therefore many cafés brew their drinks with coffee makers now. It is easy to find your preffered style around touristic areas.

Where to try?
Bali coffee: anywhere in Bali
Kopi Luwak: Merta Harum Agro Coffee plantation
European style: Kahiyang coffee

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