6 places to tone your butt in Bali

For reaching non-touristic, interesting places in Bali, usually you need to do physical exercises. This is a great way to connect the pleasant things with some useful workout. Of course only one time visit to these places does not result a perfectly built and shaped butt. But if you don’t want to get out of condition during your holiday, come on, try some of the followings!

1. Sekumpul waterfall – 450 stairs

This place would be worth even 1450 stairs. Exciting jungle area and a bit slippery stairs. The view makes us forget about the difficulties of our booty workout on the way back.

2. Green Bowl beach – 350 stairs

The low number is misleading, many stairs are more than 50 cm high. During low tide also the small cave on the beach can be approached easier. After taking a refreshing bath we will have a lot of energy to reach the top of the cliff in a split second.

3. Guyangan waterfall – 700 stairs

The waterfall is in the south region of Nusa Penida, in Batu Kandik village. Arriving to our destination through those bumpy roads, a little bit exercise feels quite refreshing. Down on the way you should pay attention to the gaps between the stairs. On the way back it’s time for shaping your butt! If you fear of heights, consider twice before you go!

4. Karma beach – 350 stairs

Instead of using the elevator for 500.000 IDR price, the stairs for free are leading to a romantic mini-beach. During low tide we can reach the main beach as well.

5. Nungnung waterfall – 500 stairs

You should step on only 500 stairs to reach one of the biggest waterfall of the island. After climbing the places above, this one is as easy as pie. And the view is absolutely fascinating.

6. Pura Lempuyang – 1700 stairs

Visiting this temple complex is a perfect program to connect culture with sport. If you feel that the number 1700 is too low, you can have a look at other temples on the side road. Number of stairs will increase to 2500 easily. You’d better bring a strong man and/or fighting tool with you as monkeys are quite agressive there.

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