7+1 ideas to get wet in Bali!

We all know the feeling when sweltering in the heat we crave for a cooling bath. In Bali this is part of our everyday life due to the standard 30 degrees and the high level of humidity. We collected some exciting activities to refresh our body on this tropical island.

1. Smile in the tropical rain!

If you experience a real tropical rain, it take sonly 10 seconds to get totally wet. As we can not do anything protective during that time, it is better to let ourselves get soaked and enjoy the natural refreshment.

Tropical storm is coming

2. Catch the waves

Surfing is exciting and fun at the same time, good for our body and soul. Sitting in the water with other surfers and waiting for the perfect wave has a really unique feeling. Catching the waves successfully is so fantastic that is hard to describe.

Beginners’ beaches where you can rent board and take surf lessons: Kuta beach, Legian beach, Berawa beach, Batubolong beach, Padang-Padang beach

3. Purification bath at Pura Tirta Empul

It can be very refreshing however the primary purpose of having a ritual purification bath in the holy spring of Pura Titra Empul is cleaning the body, mind and soul. It is one of the most famous water temples in Bali (Tirta Empul = holy spring water) Not only Balinese Hindus visit it to purify themselves but foreigners have also the opportunity to have this ritual.
Next to the spring we can have a look at the temple itself and a pool full with large, golden Koi fishes.

Entrance fee: 15.000 IDR

4. Waterfall experience at Air Terjun Sekumpul

Sekumpul is one of our favourites in Bali. It has a very spectacular appearance from the hill next to it. Its massivity and power is more visible once we climbed down the hill. Being there is a wonderful experience however if you are standing close, the steam is so strong that it is hard to keep your eyes open.

Entrance fee: 15.000 IDR without asking for a local guide

5. When ocean meets rocks: Waterblow Nusa Dua

A simple but very entertaining activity is to watch the waves crashing the reefs, then the water pressure rising and exploding.

Entrance: free

Source: http://www.gustibali.com/archives/water-blow-hidden-romantic-waves

6. Have a bath in a natural pool

There is a little natural pool at Seganing waterfall in Nusa Penida (a small island next to Bali). Having a bath here is a perfect refreshment after climbing down the 200 metres high cliff to reach the waterfall. There are separated pools for men and women.

Entrance: free

7. Waterfalls above all: Kanto lampo

It is one of those waterfalls in Bali where you can climb up the rocks among waterjets to have a more intensive experience. The surroundings are beautiful, by the way 🙂

Entrance fee: 5000 IDR

+1 A piece of luxury: infinity pool relaxation

A good start of the day can be sitting in an infinity pool and enjoying the beautiful ocean view early in the morning when everybody else is still sleeping.

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