We are Agnes Hulman and Matt Jug from Hungary. We moved to Bali in 2016, spent there 1 year and decided to share all of our experiences around the island.

We have always been writing lists – to do’s, New Year resolutions, our dating activities. One day an idea came to our mind about collecting our personal goals, what we would love to try in Bali in order to have lifelong adventures and incept the spirit and diversity of the island’s nature and culture. This is how Bucket List Bali was born. You can follow how we succeed to comply with our challenges in our Bucket List menu and even send us any ideas which we can add to our Bucket List. Moreover we would like to give you also a travel guide and some of our general impressions about exploring Bali.

We hope you will enjoy reading our blog and feel free to add any comments, thoughts or just to say hello to us!

Let the adventure begin!


“Make friends with the local people, learn the language, acknowledge the dangers, take care on the roads, accept the things you can’t change, embrace the challenges, explore the island and the culture, and be open to the intense spiritual energy here. Bali is full of magic and wonder, if you truly want to be here you will find a way to make it work. There are a lot of lessons to be learned on the way, but if you have a passion for Bali, the joy and rewards of living here are immeasurable. Good luck!”

– by Rachel Greaves