Amertha Bali Villas – a stunning resort in Pemuteran

We love travelling around North Bali. Such a peaceful atmosphere with charming villas and resorts where we become one with the beautiful nature.


Amertha Bali Villas is a Beachfront Resort and Spa at Pemuteran bay in North Bali. There are 14 oceanfront, garden view or mountain view villas and some individual suites as well. The resort was built with the involvement of the local community and the village leaders. The villas have modern and Balinese design in order to provide luxurious and authentic Balinese experience for the guests. We loved the vision of the owner written on their website:

„The Balinese concept of Tri Hitas Karana —the harmonious relationship between Human and God, Human and Nature, and Human and Society— is the foundation of Amertha Bali Villas. It is our goal that you will see and feel this harmony and balance reflected in all aspects of Amertha.”

Our villa

The villas are situated on a wide natural area. You have to walk through a green path to reach each of them. It feels like you are walking in a beautiful park full with trees, flowers and lush gardens.
We stayed at wonderful garden and mountain view villa with 2 bedrooms, a private terrace, pool with daybeds and a nice garden. Both bedrooms had their own bathrooms so it would be comfortable for a family or for two couples as well. Even a huge gazebo with a fully equipped kitchen could fit in as a second facility. We loved spending our time around the pool area and enjoying our little private paradise.

Facilities and services

The above mentioned path ends at the sea where a cozy beachfront restaurant and bar, an outdoor pool for common use and an outdoor traditional spa were located. In South Bali beachfront places can not be placed very close to the ocean due to huge difference between tides. Here it is much better because the sea is more calm. Our table for breakfast was just 5 metres from the water which we absolutely loved. Having my morning coffee and enjoying a stunning view with the morning sun above the sea was just a perfect start of the day. If guests desire to have meals within their villas, room service is also available. The staff is extremely nice and friendly, and they are always smiling. 🙂
In case you prefer underwater adventures, snorkeling and diving tours can be organised for you as well. We advice not to miss the famous Biorock project and the Turtle hatchery project just one step next to the resort.

Why do we recommend?

This place represents perfectly the famous hospitality and the natural beauties of Bali.
If you are searching harmony, peace and wonderful surroundings, I am sure you will find it here. We could feel the Tri Hitas Karana already after spending 1 day at this magical place.
And we always appreciate the ’behind the scenes’ activities. Like Amertha Villas Resort is supporting the Biorock project which is an award-winning reef conservation and coral growth support using Biorock technology just in front of the villas. It is really good to see that there are people who strongly take care of their natural treasures.

Mostly beloved by us

Mathias: breakfast in the oceanfront restaurant
Agnes: location with both mountain and ocean views

Prices: 70-400USD /night (depends on number of guests)



* All opinions are our own, Blue Moon Villas did not request this review from us.

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