Best Bali Smoothie

What makes Bingin beach our favourite spot in Bali? Cozy atmosphere, turquoise colored water, perfect surf opportunities, romantic accessibility, Bima, the everyone’s favourite golden retriever who lives there on the beach and last but not least Kelly’s Warung, a surfer accommodation and café on this coast. We do not know their secret but their smoothies are far the best what we have ever tasted in Bali. If you feel hungry there, do not hesitate to pick something from the menu. Burgers and wraps are also worth to try.

One of our favourite activities is to ride to Bingin beach, sitting on the ocean coast , drinking these tasty smoothies, enjoying the sunset and watching pro surfers catching waves.
It is not a classical meditation but in a few minutes we find ourselves being lost in the beauty of the ocean, admiring the soft moves of the surfers and tasting delicious smoothies without thinking of everyday problems. This is what flawless chillin’ means to us.

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