Indo Rumah Zen Garden – paradise in North Bali

We have stayed at many wonderful villas and bungalows in Bali so far. I can say that all of them has its own Balinese magic and unique atmosphere. But this place is just melting our heart every time we think about the time we spent here.


Indo Rumah Zen Garden is located in North Bali in a small village called Banjar, just 200 metres away from Brahma Vihara Arama Buddhist Monastery. It is a family business and an inspiring foundation for the local community. Its goal is to improve locals’ self-development and to raise awareness environmentally. They support lower population with housing, small enterprises or medical treatment. People also receive education about trash handling, kids have the opportunity for free English lessons and computer usage.
Besides all of these as part of their ecological concept 3 gorgeous villas were built in a huge developing garden full with fruits, trees, spices and lots of greens. A stunning tropical paradise for a relaxing hideaway has been created there.

Our villa

We stayed at Rumah Sumatra, a fantastic villa with two floors and a private lush garden with greenery view. We had a quite spacious bedroom – I have to highlight the super comfortable bed and pillows. Dining and lounge area, a terrace, a big outdoor pool, an en suite bathroom with shower and a huge bath were on the groundfloor. The second bedroom was on upper floor with a bathroom and a balcony. The whole villa had such a relaxing and peaceful atmoshpere, all of our problems disappeared in a minute there. There was a perfect spot in the garden where I could practice improving my meditational skills.
We were impressed by the environmentally friendly concept that the house was built around the trees without cutting them.

Facilities and services

Meals are included in the price. Komang, the lovely chef always asks in advance to choose your breakfast, lunch and dinner from the menu. You discuss with her at what time you plan to eat and she brings everything to the villa. Ingredients are fresh from the local market and from the garden. We tried Indonesian specialties and we can not be more satisfied with the food. Komang is an excellent chef but unfortunately this time we missed the cooking class with her. It became another reason for us to come back.
There is also shuttle service and they organise any programs like jungle tours, trekkings, snorkeling or dance performances for the guests.

Why do we recommend?

This place is much more than a tropical villa.
The owners are the most inspiring people we have met in Bali. We believe that if we want a change, we have to start taking efforts about it firstly in our close environment. They are the perfect example of this.
Our privacy was respected but at the same time we enjoyed full service. We actually felt as we were close friends or a family. We have been invited for a dinner by Zammin which was one of the best meals we had in Bali with a wonderful person. With all the high comfort level, the view, the atmosphere, the sounds of nature and the high level of the beloved balinese hospitality we received the real authentic Bali experience here. I would recommend this place to anybody who would like to feel the magic of Bali.

Mostly beloved by us

Mathias: nature integrated architecture
Agnes: hospitality by Zammin and Komang


Prices: 80-300 USD /night (depends on number of guests)


* All opinions are our own, Indo Rumah Zen Garden did not request this review from us.

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