It is all about money

Officially used currency in Bali is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

1 USD = 13.000 IDR
1 HUF = 48 IDR
1 EUR = 14.000 IDR

Exchange, withdrawal

It is recommended to exchange US Dollars before arriving to Bali. It is accepted in many places on the island but it’s better to change it here to IDR. You should pay attention while choosing the money changer as you can be easily screwed. With some logical thinking you can find out that those small, wooden stands are not reliable any the less they have the „authorized” sign. The bigger, glass facaded money changers are safe to use. Before leaving it’s better to count your money twice.
Money withdrawal is expensive and sometimes dangerous here as your credit card details can be stolen. Before using the ATM check if there are any hidden cameras or a data reading device there.
Paying with embossed credit card is accepted in many places especially in restaurants, supermarkets and bigger shops.

Pay attention at the cashier

In the beginning it is difficult to get used to the numerous zeros on the notes therefore we should count twice our money before we pay in a shop and after we receive the change. Sad to say that many people who work in touristic areas think that if I am a westerner, I must be very rich. Sometimes we lose just a few hundred rupiah which is not that much during holiday but on one hand in the long run it can be a higher amount. On the other hand it is disturbing that some people are trying to outsmart us in the supermarket, at the petrol station or on the market. In restaurants and warungs luckily we have not experienced this kind of tricks so far.

We like to bargain

Bargaining seems to be the key word if we talk about shopping in Bali. In supermarkets it is not possible but by using taxi service, motorbike rentals, villa rentals on the market and on the beach bargaining is a must. It is even better if we are aware of the value of the product in advance. One thing is good to know: no matter how masterly we bargain or for how long we live in Bali, bules* buy everything at a higher price than local people. In spite of this bargaining is always fun for both parties.

Prices (IDR):

Motorbike rental: 500-900.000 / month, 50-100.000 / day
Room rental in Denpasar: 1-1.5 million / month
Car rental: 600-700.000 / day with driver, 200-300.000 / day without driver
Villa rental with pool: 5 million and above
1 liter petrol: 7000 – 8000 (depending on type)
Parking: 1000 – 5000 (no time limit)
1 hour balinese massage: 60-300.000
1 beer can in supermarket and restaurant: 25-30.000
Indonesian food in local warungs (restaurants): 5-35.000
European food eg spaghetti bolognese in the tourist area: 60-90.000
1 big bottle of water: 3800
1 piece of mango: 10.000
1 piece of small pineapple: 10.000
1 liter of milk: 15.000-20.000
1 whole grilled chicken: 65.000
1 kg mozzarella: 180.000
1 glass of fruit juice or smoothie: 15-40.000
1 kg apple: 30.000
0,5 kg bread: 16.000
1 cappuccino: 20-30.000
1 whole coconut on the beach: 20.000
Surfboard rental: 50-100.000 /day

*Expression for westerners and foreigners in Balinese language

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