Seganing waterfall – a secret of Nusa Penida

If you would like to experience real freedom, ride the motorbike on Nusa Penida. Narrow roads without traffic, huge palm plantations, super-small villages with people living happily in harmony with nature.

Getting lost to Pererenan sunset point

This island is also full with untouched places. Getting lost can be really annoying especially when we are lack of petrol. But in Bali we learnt to accept situations with patience and flexibility and sometimes it is better just to let ourselves flow ahead with happenings. This was how we were driven by our senses to a wonderful cliff during our „3 days, 3 islands” challenge in Nusa Penida when we were searching Kelingking secret point riding on unknown roads. As those roads were very bad quality, after a while we had to continue our way on foot to reach the „Pererenan sunset point” sign on the top of a rock which we have never heard about before.

200 metres climb

The infinity of the Indian ocean and a temple called Purs Gunung Cemeng on the edge of another cliff just burst upon our view which was absolutely breathtaking (however it was not sunset time). An arrow with the sign of „Waterfall” pointed down to a staircase so we decided to have a look at it. It was a bit misleading as after a few steps we experienced a really exciting climb down to the waterfall located at the base of the 200 metres high cliff wall. There were holes in the cliff and locals made fences along it from wood. At first sight it did not seem safe at all but then we decided to accept it as a good help. It took around 30 minutes from the top to arrive to the waterfall.

Be prepared!

It can be done without a local guide if you have normal fitness but you should wear training shoes. Don’t try it if you have fear of heights! The waterfall is nice with clear water. There are also two natural baths separated for men and women which were perfect to cool ourselves down. This is the place for meditation and to hide behind the rest of the world. As there is nothing nearby, it is better to go with someone and return before sunset – just in case anything happens. Also, don’t go at noon (like we did) as climbing back can be hot like hell. Reaching the top of the cliff we were happy about getting lost and grateful to those locals who made this road down to Seganing without ruining the nature around. Our personal efforts to climb down and back was one of our best experiences here.

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