Sunday brunch at Café Kim Soo

Kim Soo Home is a popular homeware and interior design store in Seminyak, opened in 2015. They sell lots of beautiful home decor treasures designed with a mixture of traditional Balinese and modern style. We like hanging around in the shop and decorating our imaginable Balinese villa (as we do not own an actual one – yet ) with all those exotic and unique pieces.

What else do you need?

What we also like is having a late breakfast on a lazy Sunday at their café which they opened last year (2016). They have a nice open air terrace where you can drink your morning coffee and eat a homemade carrot cake under the shadow of blooming frangipani trees. If you are looking for some traditional Indonesian food, unfortunately this wouldn’t be the right choice for you. However their menu has a wide range of food selection from fresh fruit bowls to mushroom risotto and a large variety of delicious juices. Prices become quite high in the peak season (June-August) but in spite of this the place is worth to try. If you take our advice you will order the spicy chicken lime & coriander quesadillas and the salted caramel smoothie. After filling up the stomach you can have a look and buy some stylish accessories for your beloved home.

You can find it here:


*This article is not a restaurant review, we just like the place and we are happy to inspire you to go there and enjoy your morning.

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