Swinging high in Bali

Find as many swing places as we can.

Swings in Bali and on the islands around are not only popular photo subjects for tourists and instagrammers but also lots of fun for everyone. I am sure you will turn into a happy kid if you try the following swings. Problems will fly away in a minute and only sunshine, wonderful views and huge smiles remain there.

1. Dream beach, Lembongan

Swings usually go hand in hand with beaches around Bali. It is even better if you have a nice view while playing like a child.

2. Amed

We went for an afternnon walk and there was nobody on the beach except some fishermen. Therefore only Matt laughed at me as I was too small to climb up the swing without help (and without muscles). Anyway the whole area was very relaxing and romantic so you should give it a try, too.

3. Gili Air

Besides the famous Gili swings there are additional ones on these small islands. If you are lucky enough you can have a private swing at your bungalows.

4. Charlie chocolate factory

Our most beloved one. Its best feature is that there is no crowd at all. It is in the middle of a nice garden on the coastline
somewhere in East Bali. You can taste (and buy) some chocolate in the small bungalows and then enjoy the high swing as long as you want.

5. Twin lakes Buyan & Tamblingan

I will be honest, we wanted to go there just because of taking a photo as it looks beautifully mysterious. It was so cold as we arrived by motorbike that we had been frozen already. I can not imagine how all those pretty bloggers can pose here in sundresses. The view must have been fantastic without the fog but at least we got the mystical atmosphere.

6. Tanjung Aan, Lombok

Tanjung Aan is one of the most marvellous beaches we have ever been to. Sure, locals have put a bunch of swings there for tourists. With or without them the beach is a real treasure in Indonesia.

7. Seger beach, Lombok

Locals in Lombok love beach swings. And we love them for that.

+1 Holiday mood swing in Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida

Men also like swinging. They just have a different style. (Which I do have, too)

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