Tropical fruit tryout in Bali

As a tropical island Bali is a paradise for fruit lovers as well. Countless strange looking but tasty fruits grow on this beautiful island. But even banana has a different taste than the imported ones in Hungary.

In many cafes around Canggu, Seminyak or Ubud we can choose from a lot of fruit bowls which became part of some young westerners’ new healthy, hippi balinese life. Anyway as ordinary indonesianists* we also love these delicious fruit packages.

Give them a try

Originally this was not a bucket list point of ours but after taking the first look at these beautiful creatures we decided to have a bite from the following tropical specialities. All of them have their own unique taste which we like more or less. Only poor durian could not steal our heart. However we tried it as raw fruit, in cake and in martabak as well. But is not for our Hungarian stomach.

Try them for yourself and decide which is the best!

1. Jackfruit (Nangka)


2. Mangosteen (Manggis)

3. Passion fruit (Markisa)

4. Snake fruit (Salak)

5. Dragon fruit (Buah naga)

6. Rambutan (Rambutan)

7. Starfruit (Belimbing)


8. Guava (Jambu Biji)


9. Durian (Durian)

*foreigners who live in Indonesia

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