Why Bali?

Facts to persuade a doubtful traveler to taste durian in Bali.

We love Bali. This is a fact. With all its beauties and handicaps.

Is there a lot of trash? Yes.

Is it overcrowded? Sometimes, yes.

Is it a typical tropical island? No.

If you think Bali is the lookalike of the Maldives are you wrong? Yes.

Although we have some very good reasons for you to make a decision about visiting Bali at least once in your life.


They say Bali beaches are far from beautiful. Who says it? Tourists who spend their sunbathing and coconut drinking times on the grey sand beach of the crowded Kuta. We love Bali beaches because all of them are unique. I know, this could be a cliché but it’s not. If you like the classical white sand – turquoise water combination you will find your account in Nusa Dua, on the Gili islands or Lombok (Tanjung Aan). Although the sunsets at grey sand beaches in Seminyak, sunrise with sea turtles at White Sand beach, the desolated Nyang Nyang beach or Balangan beach with its world class waves are all part of a memorable Bali adventure.

Natural attractions

It was in Bali where we have seen rice paddies for the very first time in our life. And for the second time as well. We were amazed by all the vital shades of green for the hundredth time, too.

Add to this scene palm trees, huge banana leaves, the majestic Agung volcano in the background and the most characteristic scenery of Bali is now complete. Do not forget about all the waterfalls in the jungle however a stable fitness level is required to approach many of them. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed. Here you can take a look at our waterfall wet selection on the island.

Participation at a ceremony

Balinese hinduism is a unique religion. It can be found only in Bali. Important attributes of it are the balinese ceremonies. You can catch spiritual events anytime during the year as they are usually held in their temples, sometimes on the beach or on the streets. You are very lucky if as a foreigner you receive invitation to one of these festivities. It is a perfect opportunity to have a deeper insight into their culture and religion. Wearing traditional Balinese dresses, listening the prayer of the priest, tasting the inevitable ‘Babi guling’ and watching the performance of the wonderful Balinese dancers with gamelan accompaniment are all unforgettable experiences. As a dancer student I had luck to perform at some ceremonies in Bali. If you are interested in my impressions about it, read here.


I have good news, as a beginner surfer you have the chance trying to run into sand again and again in the Indian ocean. It’s a seductive offer, isn’t it? Joking aside if you have a proper swimsuit, a sunscreen with high UV protection and if you start on beginner’s waves with beginners’ surfboard (Kuta, Legian, Berawa, Nusa Dua) you will never forget the feeling (also in a positive way). You should begin surfing only after you received some basic explanation from an expert.

Lunch for 2 dollars

The 4 of you are sitting in a beach warung (Indonesian restaurant). You are consuming Nasi goreng (fried rice), coconut water, smoothies and fried banana. When you receive the bill you turn into “ I can not believe that it is sooo cheap” face. All of the above for 20 USD including tip. An average weekday lunch can be 1,5 USD, too. You can rent a motorbike for 3 USD/day, surfboard for 4 USD/day and those marvellous resorts with infinity pools are also affordable.

You can be an Instagram celebrity

By the way cool accommodations! It happened with several “friends” of mine that they found themselves staring wistfully attractive pictures of famous Instagram stars. These “friends” are dreaming quite often about visiting those breathtaking places and taking hundreds of fascinating photos. You got luck in Bali as the island offers endless number of exotic cliff bungalows and private jungle resorts at affordable prices. Now you got the perfect location. You do not need anything else but a nice butt, a professional photographer, a cute puppy, some tropical fruit and you can start to spam your Instagram account. Between two shots do not forget to enjoy the breathtaking places.

Adventure on the motorbike

One of our greatest experiences in Bali is riding the motorbike. After the newbie’s stress slips away it is the definition of freedom: ride your motorbike among palm trees, through small villages in heavy tropical rain or along the coastline. Not to mention the “no rules” traffic, the crazy driving style of locals, riding on the sidewalk or my favourites: the traffic circles. All of these factors helped us to learn how to survive on the motorbike here.

You can finally taste the famous durian

You have barely heard anything positive about it. Would you still try its world famous flavour just out of curiosity? People in Asia and also some Europeans with special taste do love it but for us it is like sopping cloves of garlic into a cup of caramel flavoured coffee latte. Luckily you will find a “boob prize” easily by tasting tropical fruit bowls or any of those unforgettable Indonesian dishes: our absolutely favourite Nasi goreng (fried rice), Cap cay (vegetable soup) or Roti goreng (fried bread) and Teh Tarik (tea with milk). Actually our list is endless. We can’t be tired of Indonesian cuisine.

Sunset addiction

One of my most loved activities (after surfing and riding the motorbike) is watching sunsets on the beach. I think our photos about these evenings speak for themselves.

Nusa Penida

It is the biggest of the 3 Nusa islands which all belong to Bali. It is the perfect example of wild, untouched nature where you can give yourselves up to the jungle feeling: you can ride the motorbike under huge palm trees, swim with peaceful manta rays, sleep under the sky or climb the rope to reach the most magnificent abandoned beaches and waterfalls. We also had our most memorable view here (four times so far): standing on the edge of the famous Kelingking cliff and watching the sunset was an absolutely idillic scenery. And climbing down to the beach is the icing on the cake.

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